Thursday, August 30, 2012

Plane wreck part 2.

Plane wreck part 2.

SO I am going too light the fire when the alien yells something. Of course I didn’t understand him , but I got the point he said do it there’s  no other way out now.

I grab the matches out of my pocket when I feel something else. Its a screw driver. I pull it out thinking I could unscrew the bolts to the metal strips on the windows.

I walk over to the metal windows. I try to unscrew the bolts but it is no use I might as well just blow the roof off this place.

Now the matches are my only option I check my other pocket just incase but there is nothing in them.

I've got the matches in my hand. I light the matches and chuck it on the ground. I keep going with another and another all in different places all over the place there are matches. Anywhere you look.

The place is now fully blown. BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! I wait for all the smoke to go away and then I see what is going on. Its not looking good I think my alien friend may have been killed in the explosion.

Everyones coming around to see what's going on I will have to confess...

To be continued!!!

A sneak peek from the next one...
The cop sirens are coming towards this way...
We're taking you in Why!!!       

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  1. Great Brody. I love your writing. It's cool that your carrying on with it. Can't wait for part three! Well done:)